We have all seen it at some point in our lives – and even smelt it if it’s that bad. Of course we are talking about pet and human urine being deposited on carpets or upholstery. Obviously it is always an accident, usually through perhaps old age or from some illness – or just plain old having a weak bladder and being left for too long.

Some pet owners believe that their cherished pet (and they are cherished – we adored our dog when he was alive) can never do any wrong – and understandably but unfortunately some pets can do a small tiddle now and again somewhere in the house – and usually the lounge. Because there is not always an odour it’s difficult to tell. Some pet/human urine can smell really strong where others do not.

Anyway, having your carpet or upholstery ‘scanned’ to determine whether they are infected or not is quite a simple process and takes away the guess work. If it is caught early the damage can usually be limited or completely removed – I’m sure you have all seen the yellowing effect near toilets that have carpets? It’s too late for those areas because the colour has been damaged – but do you have other areas that have started to suddenly smell a bit?

In extreme cases your carpet may need to be lifted, as urine (like any liquid) can travel down and penetrate the underlay – or even the floor boards!

In the photo above you will see that the urine patches have been highlighted by our special UV urine rated detection amplifiers because the salts found in urine become fluorescent. The patches are in fact usually INVISIBLE to the human eye – but not to us! We can deal with these issues and make your furnishings healthily clean – bacteria and virus free.

So if you have a pet or an elderly relative, and suspect that the carpets or upholstery are harboring urine deposits, why not get the professionals in to sort the areas concerned – and the odours associated with them?

Removing Odors from Your Carpet

Are you afraid to have guests over to your home because of the smell of your carpeting? Do you walk into your home and ask, “What’s that smell?” Unfortunately, carpet odors do not go away on their own. You must take action. We have some easy-to-follow steps for getting rid of carpet odors in your home.

Air out

Fresh air is good for all areas of the home. Start by opening your windows—make sure screens are in place—and air out your home for a few hours. You can try placing a fan or two around the home as well.


To maintain the quality of your carpeting, regular vacuuming is a must. You may have a chance at eradicating odors with a thorough vacuuming.

Rely on a cleaning deodorizer

Choose an all-in-one cleaning deodorizer that will cover up a number of smells, like musky smoke, bad cooking, pet odors, and other offensive smells found in homes or vehicles. Harte’s carpet offers a carpet deodorizer product that is Green Certified and won’t leave any messy powders behind. To purchase our Professional Carpet Deodorizer, contact your friends at Harte’s carpet & tile cleaning .

Call a professional

If home remedies aren’t solving the problem, then you should hire a company that specializes in home carpet cleaning. You can also take advantage of special services such as pet-odor cleaning and carpet protection.

Harte’s carpet & tile cleaning has been helping homeowners keep their carpeting odor-free for more than 8 years. Our process is fast drying, meaning you can walk on your carpeting in about two hours. We are also green and eco-friendly. Our professional certified technicians will guarantee your satisfaction.Learn about our special offers, and get your carpets smelling fresh and clean today!

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